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High Contrast Vision Beyond 20/20 is a Reality for Many at Stahl Vision Laser Eye Center in Dayton Ohio

Glossary: A Wavefront Map is a more precise measurement of your eye’s vision system. Wavefront Guided LASIK is used in Custom LASIK treatments like CustomVision is a refinement of Custom LASIK by Stahl Vision to achieve High Contrast Vision.

High Contrast Vision is similar to the high definition vision that you might have experienced while watching your high definition television (HDTV)-only it's YOUR eyes providing the vision quality and not your TV! At Stahl Vision we strive to produce this level of vision correction quality for our patients through using the advanced technology of Wavefront Mapping and Wavefront Guided LASIK.

About High Contrast Vision and Optical Aberrations

Many patients do not realize that their eyes are an imperfect optical system. As light rays from distant objects pass through the individual optical components of the eye, they are subject to being distorted by the imperfections found in the Cornea and the Crystalline Lens. These distortions that are created are referred to as “aberrations.” Some aberrations can create common refractive errors, such as nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hyperopia and astigmatism-these are called “Low Order Aberrations”. Low Order Aberrations such as these that cause common blurring of vision can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses or by conventional Laser Vision Correction using LASIK or PRK . However, even with the best glasses and contacts may people still complain about their night vision and don’t like to drive at night.

One of the reasons for poor night vision is because of the tiny imperfections, or aberrations, in their vision, which exist in addition to being simply nearsighted or farsighted. These additional tiny aberrations include, spherical aberration, coma, trefoil, and quadrifoil-and are collectively known as “High Order Aberrations”. These aberrations, which cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts, can cause disturbing problems like halos and glare with your night vision. High Order Aberrations can actually give rise to visual symptoms that we can understand and perhaps have experienced, such as:

  • Starbursts – Patterns of Small Lights Around Light Sources
  • Haloes – Circles of Light Around Light Sources
  • Ghosting – A Faint Duplicate of Each Object Similar to Double Vision
  • Glare – Intensification of Light Sources

High Order Aberrations often involve night vision and the reduced clarity caused by imperfect vision in low light. They can be inborn or caused by trauma or disease or by Cataracts or Dry Eye Syndrome. They have also sometimes been side effects of traditional LASIK surgery.

            High definition vision achieved by correcting high order aberrations.

These High Order Aberrations are entirely unique to a particular patient-much like a fingerprint. For these patients, to achieve the best vision correction results, the use of a Custom Wavefront Guided Laser Eye Surgery such as CustomVision to create a completely customized reshaping of the surface of the Cornea may be the best treatment option and can actually deliver High Contrast Vision Beyond 20/20!

Wavefront guided LASIK may improve your night vision.

Thanks to CustomVision™ LASIK and Stahl Vision, we are able to diagnose and correct these aberrations resulting in better clarity and improving night vision. Many patients are telling us they have never seen this well before.

Using this advanced technology, years of experience, and tracking the results of thousands of patients to fine tune results for each person based on their unique eyes. Dr. Stahl is achieving the best results they have ever measured: 99.3% of patients are 20/20 or better, and 81% are better than 20/20! * For many patients, this is better than they have ever seen with glasses or contacts.

Stahl Vision Laser & Eye Surgery Center in Dayton Ohio is conveniently located for patients seeking the benefit that High Contrast High Definition Vision can provide from Sidney, Springfield, Urbana, Dayton, Cincinnati, West Chester, Eaton, Xenia, Jamestown, Franklin, Springboro, Waynesville, Lebanon, Mason, Oxford, and Middletown Ohio. Please call Stahl Vision at 937.643.2020.

*Wavefront patients measured bilaterally.

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