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Presbyopia, MonoVision & Near Vision Correction

Reading glasses, presbyopia, and monovision Dayton OhioPresbyopia is the age-related eye condition that affects most people as they enter their 40's, causing near vision to fade with age, making it difficult to see things up-close. This naturally occurring condition cannot be avoided, but there are options to partially restore your vision.  We can't make you 21 years old again, but we can help you see better up close again.

Before age 40 our lens is clear and flexible allowing us to focus on things at near.  As we reach our mid forties, everyone begins to experience the problem of our "arms becoming too short", and near vision begins to fade.  This condition is called presbyopia, and gets progressively worse as we age until even people who never wore glasses find themselves needing help at near.  Eventually we start wearing bifocals or reading glasses, or if you are nearsighted, begin to take our glasses off to read.

Correcting Near Vision and Presbyopia with MonoVision LASIK Eye Surgery

Some patients have worn monovision contacts, where one eye is set for distance, and one eye for near.  This can be done with LASIK eye surgery as well, and monovision LASIK is a good option for some patients, but it is a compromise-- neither distance or near is as clear as it would be if both were used together for distance, or both used together for near vision.  Many people in their forties and young fifties do monovision LASIK so they can drive, swim, work, read, and see their phone, all without their glasses.  It is not for everyone, and accountants, attorneys, engineers, and other with demanding visual needs do not do as well with monovision LASIK as they would with dedicated reading glasses.

Correcting Near Vision with Refractive Lens Exchange

As we pass our forties and on to our fifties and sixties our own natural lens starts to form a cloudiness.  Eventually this starts to blur our vision and is called a cataract.  If this process has started to happen for you, LASIK eye surgery may not work as well or last very long, and Refractive Lens Exchange with a bifocal implant lens can help restore your distance and near vision both!

Correcting Near Vision with Cataract Surgery

Eventually our natural lens turns cloudy, and we have trouble seeing even with glasses and experience a lot of glare from sun and oncoming headlights.  These vision changes tend to progress over time until eventually cataract surgery is needed. Technology and procedure advances here at Stahl Vision have allowed us to restore both the clarity of vision, and restore some of the near vision that you have lost with our advanced cataract surgery procedure. The same Advanced Lifestyle Implant Lenses or bifocal implant lenses used with Refractive Lens Exchange can be used with cataract surgery to help our patients see more like when they were younger. Most insurances including Medicare only cover the standard or monofocal implant lens, but we can help you determine your coverage for cataract surgery and discuss financing options if you choose an advanced lifestyle lens.  Financing is subject to credit approval.

Whether it is LASIK Eye Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, or Advanced Cataract Surgery, eye surgeons Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles have the experience and technology to help you see your best.   Our regional Ohio eye center puts Stahl Vision, Laser Vision Correction of Dayton, and Eye Laser and Surgery Center all under one roof conveniently located for patients experiencing near vision problems and Presbyopia from Sidney, Springfield, Urbana, Dayton, Cincinnati, West Chester, Eaton, Xenia, Jamestown, Franklin, Springboro, Waynesville, Lebanon, Mason, Oxford, and Middletown Ohio. Please call Stahl Vision at 937.427.2020 to schedule an appointment.

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