Cataract Self-Evaluation

Interested in Cataract Surgery?

Not sure if you are a good candidate? Start by filling out our self-evaluation to help you decide if cataract surgery might be a good option for you.

Cataract Self-Evaluations


What is your occupation?

Have you had prior eye surgery



What is your age group

Under 18



Over 65

When did you start wearing glasses?

Under 40


Over 55

Have you noticed any deterioration of your vision in the last 5 years



Is your vision...(check all that apply)

Blurry or cloudy

Halos and lights and/or over-sensitivity to light

Poor at night

Double or multiple images in one eye

Not as colorful or vibrant as it used to be

None of the above

Are you...(check all that apply)

Nearsighted (trouble seeing far way)

Farsighted (trouble seeing close up)

Astigmatism (double images)

Wear bifocals or over the counter reading glasses

Is it most important to you to have...(check all that apply)

Good distance vision (driving, golfing, watching TV)

Good intermediate vision (computer work)

Good close up vision (reading)

All of the above

If you have cataract surgery, how important is it to you to be free of glasses and contacts afterwards?

Very important

Not important

Not sure

If you could enjoy good distance vision during the day for most activities without glasses, would you be able to tolerate some halos or glare at night?