How much does LASIK cost on average in Ohio?

Average LASIK surgery costs for eye surgery in Ohio are about equal to the average costs of LASIK surgery nationwide. How much LASIK costs and how much laser eye surgery costs in 2022 was about $2100 per eye, up from the two years prior for the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Ohio. If you have been searching online for how much is LASIK eye surgery, or how much is LASIK Surgery in Ohio, you’ll find that it is difficult to pin down the price of laser eye surgery.  Several factors listed below determine how much your LASIK surgery costs or the price you might pay.

At Stahl Vision Institute how much LASIK eye surgery costs for LASIK surgery here in Ohio is one global price for all—no matter your prescription! When the price for how much LASIK surgery costs is quoted that includes your initial exam, surgery, post-ops, and all enhancements within the first year. From your initial exam to your last appointment with us you are always with Dr. Brian Stahl or Dr. James Knowles (which is rare when compared to discount centers where you are unlikely to get to see your surgeon prior to and following your procedure).


Why does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Ohio on Average Vary

Several Factors Affect How Much is LASIK Surgery and How Much Does LASIK Cost and the Price You Can Expect to Pay at Other LASIK Centers in Ohio

According to a recent survey, about half of U.S. refractive surgeons quote a single price for how much does LASIK surgery costs, one cost for all. The other half quote different costs or prices for how much does LASIK eye surgery cost depending on the prescription of the patient, the technology used, and charge extra for your initial LASIK eye exam and follow up care you will need. These are the factors affect how much is LASIK eye surgery and the price you can expect to pay:

The LASIK Surgeon

The LASIK surgeon you choose will affect how much LASIK surgery costs or your price. Surgeons who are well known and have been practicing longer tend to charge more. They bring added experience and expertise to your procedure, and many people feel more comfortable with an experienced surgeon. Often these surgeons are getting better results and fewer complications too—as the result of better nomograms and experience.

Dr. Brian Stahl has been practicing since 1994, teamed with Dr. James Knowles who has been practicing since 2000. Together they have performed over 40,000 LASIK plus PRK procedures in the Dayton area, putting them as the top surgeons in the area. They personally see and discuss your surgery with you beforehand, do your surgery, and are going to be there for you after your surgery and for years to come.

The Technology

The technology your LASIK surgeon uses affects how much LASIK costs and the price for your LASIK as well. Older, outdated technology without customized treatments may be the cause of a lower price.

Stahl Vision uses customized wavefront and topographic technology combined with powerful treatment nomograms (formulas) to create CustomVision® LASIK which measures your eyes more thoroughly, and can treat imperfections in your vision more accurately than older laser eye surgery technology. This results in sharper vision, almost high definition vision, and better vision in dim light conditions like night driving. Using these advancements, our practice is delivering unsurpassed LASIK results with over 99% of our nearsighted LASIK patients seeing 20/20 or better without the use of contacts or glasses after their LASIK vision procedure when measured with both eyes!

The Geography

Lastly, geography plays a role in how much LASIK surgery costs and the price you pay. Places with high costs of living, such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, usually have higher costs for eye surgery.

Should I Look for Discount LASIK or Bargains for How Much LASIK Surgery Costs?

Sometimes you may see offers for $499 per eye or $699 per eye — or something even more ridiculous or alluring like $250 per eye for how much LASIK costs. So yes, some surgery centers do offer bargain prices for how much LASIK surgery costs or the price you pay; these are called discount centers. But these costs for LASIK surgery are never for customized wavefront LASIK, and don’t include your LASIK eye exam, follow up care, charges for touch-ups or enhancements, charges for financing, and only a very few people with low prescriptions will qualify or this low price or cost for LASIK. Rarely will you meet your surgeon until the time of surgery at a discount LASIK center— someone else does the exam and follow up care. This is a real concern for many patients.

Some states have enacted and enforced consumer protection laws that make this “bait and switch” advertising scheme illegal. Car dealers at one time were notorious for advertising a low cost on cars, only to find out that that price only extended to one car on the lot, and that it had already been sold. Because of these concerns, several states enacted laws that make it illegal to advertise a price for how much is LASIK eye surgery less than the average cost the consumer pays. Unfortunately, Ohio is not one of these states, and you will see prices and advertising for the how much is LASIK surgery that has little relationship to the real price you will pay. A smarter shopper will ask themselves if this is a place you want to trust with something as important as your eyesight. You only have one set of eyes, this is not something you should discount!

Some LASIK surgeons will honor written cost quotes from other centers for how much LASIK surgery is as long as it is for similar technology and for similar care. Here at Stahl Vision we can solve the problem of wanting to see the most reputable LASIK surgeon in town, with the best technology, and follow up care you can count on with our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! 

Please call Stahl LASIK Vision Institute our Midwest Ohio Eye Center at 937.643.2020 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how much does LASIK eye surgery cost, our financing options, and how much is LASIK surgery in Ohio on average.