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The Stahl Vision cataract surgeons in Dayton, OH understand their patients want the safest, most comprehensive care possible, in a location that’s convenient and easy to find. That’s why Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles have opened the Eye Laser & Surgery Center.

This Medicare certified facility allows Stahl Vision surgeons to provide eye surgery services in the same building patients go to for their pre and post op care, in place of a hospital, providing a new level of comfort and convenience. Eye Laser & Surgery Center will offer comprehensive, advanced surgical services for patients including cataract removal, clear lens replacement and bifocal lens implants. Combining a professional yet comfortable atmosphere with a friendly, skilled, and dedicated staff, you will feel completely at ease from the moment you walk inside.


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Joint Commission Accreditation

In our pursuit of outstanding quality care, safety and comfort for our patients, our surgeons built the center with the patient in mind and chose Joint Commission to accredit our organization. Joint Commission accreditation validates our center’s commitment to providing quality care, in the safest environment, focusing directly on our patients.

Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles wanted the ability to direct how the center would function, but more importantly, how patients could be made comfortable in pleasing surroundings with highly trained, quality staff who believe whole-heartedly in our mission statement to be the best and provide the best care by creating and sustaining an atmosphere of excellence. The Joint Commission is one of the most important steps in creating our atmosphere of excellence. They partner with our facility to support growth, quality and education, while assisting us to remain compliant with standards. Our accreditation by Joint Commission tells you we have taken that extra step to ensure your trust and confidence in the health care we provide. It’s one of the ways we say, “You come first with us!”

Your Satisfaction Is A Priority

For almost two decades, we have been committed to providing excellent, quality and personalized eye care to every patient we see. If you are ever feel you have an unresolved issue with our facility you may contact our Nurse Administrator at 937-427-7800, if you would like to discuss any issues.  This in no way will impact the care you receive at the surgery center by our physicians and staff. We want to ensure you are comfortable and pleased with the care you experience with us. 

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