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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ-About LASIK in Ohio at Stahl Vision's Ohio LASIK Center

How can I find out if I would be a good candidate for LASIK here in Ohio?
We offer free personal consults where we can measure your eyes and review the findings.  There is no pressure or obligation and you'll get a chance to meet with one of our Ohio LASIK surgeons as well.  Did we mention that this is FREE?  Email us to contact you, or call us at (937) 643-2020, or outside Ohio call toll free at 1-888-660-EYES (3937).

LASIK OHIO pictureHow long does the LASIK procedure take?

The actual LASIK treatment time is quick, less than five minutes per eye. However, you will be at the our Ohio laser center for about 2 hours due to pre and post-op time.  Someone else should drive you to your LASIK procedure and the next day's follow-up appointment.

How long will I be off work after my LASIK?

While your vision may not be perfect 20/20 the day after your LASIK surgery, most patients have good enough vision that they can go back to work two days after their surgery.

Does LASIK hurt?

No.  Let's say that again, NO.  Some patients have some scratchiness or grittiness for a few hours while others did not experience any discomfort at all. We ask everyone to go home and take a nap immediately after his or her LASIK procedure.  For any discomfort that remains after your nap, Advil or Tylenol is usually sufficient.  PRK does have more discomfort a few days later as the surface begins to heal rapidly (see PRK for more information).

When can I resume normal activities after my LASIK in Ohio?

You can resume most normal activities such as driving, working, walking, etc. two days after surgery. Working out and more vigorous exercise can be resumed after the first week.  For women, eye makeup cannot be worn for one week and they should purchase new mascara at the end of the week to avoid any bacteria in the old container. Swimming or contact sports such as basketball, racquetball, etc. should be delayed for three weeks.

So, why should I choose Stahl Vision for LASIK in Ohio?

Stahl Vision-- the best laser, most experience, and advanced generation nomograms giving the best results.A realtor will tell you, it's "location, location and location".  As eye doctors and LASIK surgeons we will tell you its " results, results, and results".  And how good are our results?  99.3% of patients are 20/20, and 81% are better than 20/20*. That is often times better than with their glasses and contacts.  So how do we get such incredibly good results?  Attention to details, by having the best laser technology, the Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser, developing the best nomograms, and lets not forget, having the most experienced  Ohio LASIK doctors in the region.  Dr. Stahl was the first surgeon in Dayton Ohio and the Miami Valley to do Laser Eye Surgery, and is one of the top 50 LASIK surgeons nationwide. Dr. Knowles was entrusted to provide LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery to our United States military personnel heading into active combat and in harm's way as part of the Warfighter Laser Surgery Center sponsored by the Department of Defense-making sure our fighter pilots see their best when flying a mission with a $25 million piece of equipment is no small order! We continually track and monitor our results, fine-tuning each patient's results for their specific eyes. Quite honestly, these kinds of results take a lot more effort than most centers are capable of. 

How does CustomVision™ LASIK work, can it really help me see better?

Each eye has its own unique imperfections and distortions.  With wavefront technology, we can now measure and treat these imperfections.  The result is high definition vision, similar to the difference between regular and high definition TV.  Many of our patients are reporting better vision day and nighttime using CustomVision™ technology with our Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser. CustomVision™ LASIK is a trademark of our very own Dr. Brian Stahl, and our Ohio LASIK Center is the only place you will find this technology, attention to details, and visual results.

Will I still have to wear reading glasses after LASIK?

Depending on your age and whether or not you have elected to try Monovision LASIK, there is a possibility that you will need reading glasses. Most of us start wearing reading glasses about the time we reach our mid-forties. Monovision LASIK is a procedure where we leave one eye slightly near sighted so that you can see up close with one eye, and better at distance with the other.

Can both eyes be done with LASIK at once?

Yes, in fact we suggest that you have both eyes done at once if you are having LASIK because the healing is fairly rapid and it avoids the visual imbalance.

What are the complications or risks?

As with any surgery, there are always possible complications or risks. Most patients experience some temporary dryness, haloing and glare for a few days after their LASIK surgery as part of the recovery process. There are two questions regarding LASIK complications that deserve special mention:  What is the worst that could happen?  And what is the most common complication?  The worst possible problem would be a severe infection that resulted in some vision loss, especially if it effected both eyes.  Prevention is the best way to handle this extremely rare complication.  By starting antibiotic eye drops the day before surgery, and cleaning/scrubbing your eye lashes the night before and morning of surgery you can go a long way towards preventing infections. The most common LASIK complication of significance is a corneal abrasion that occurs while creating a LASIK flap.  Most patients still do well, but if an abrasion occurs it may take longer to heal with more inflammation.  In LASIK surveys around the world, LASIK has been proven to be one of the most safe and effective surgeries available with an extremely low percentage of complications. We provide all of our patients a consent form to review, which lists more possible complications and helps answer other questions you might have about possible risks.

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*Wavefront patients tested bilaterally.

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